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The Secretariat of the Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology is located on the 3rd floor of the School of Philosophy (office 303). Office hours are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11:00-13:00. E-mail: secr[at]ppp.uoa[dot]gr

The personnel of the Secretariat is as follows:

Sofia Maikidou (Head of Secretariat)


Chrisoula Gerafenti (students' issues, academic accreditation, Erasmus, Graduate Programme in Philosophy)


Aggeliki Iliopoulou (administrative issues)


Garifallia Koromilou (students' issues, curriculum, qualifying exams)


Ersi Kyriazi (administrative issues, protocol, web page)


Marianthi Manolaki (undergraduate and postgraduate Psychology programmes, Erasmus)


Ioanna Papasotiriou (scholarships, PhD candidates)


Giorgos Rombolas (textbooks, postgraduate programmes of the Department of Pedagogy, finances)


Anna Toumbani (undergraduate programme in Psychology, textbooks, academic accrediation, scholarships, web page)

+30210727 7370 +302107277962